• 5 Metres by 2 metres unit …..10 square metres .. .$160 per month –3metres high or 30 cubic metres
  • 4.5  metres by 2 metre unit….9 sq mtrs                      $150 per month
  • 2 metres by 2 metres  unit…… 4 sq metres               $100 per month
  • 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres    …… 2.25 sq mtrs            $60 per month
  • 20 ft container hi top and brand new,  till the end of Nov  $180 per month
  • We have some brand new  hi cube containers that are lined with beech plywood   for $180 per month.
  • All our internal storage units are 3 metres high..

These are some of the cheapest rates in Auckland.

Most internal storage units have alarms in them.

24 hour video surveillance.

  • All our internal storage units are 3 metres high..

We have a lot of customers who dont need to access their storage regularly, that save over $1000 a year by using our

cheap secure storage in Helensville.




The need to store the items in the place other than the personal properties has been around for the very long time. But, a very good option to storing at the office or at home has emerged quite lately. We are dealing with the self storage units, which come with the sequence of benefits, and characterize a far better option than all the usual storage techniques.
The self storage unit is the type of the store-it-yourself material, where you have unlimited access and can remove or replace stored items at any time, without any extra fees. Lots of storage units are easily located and have the wide driveways for the easy access. Actually, several self storage units can be simply accessed even with the tractor-trailer.

When it comes to security and safety, the self storage unit is the best choice, as the access to these materials is the computer-controlled, and they have video and electronic surveillance.

The self storage unit is a great option to the traditional storage, with regards to both convenience and cost-effectiveness. Some of self storage providers provide an extremely varied option of storage units, with regards to both location and size. Depending on your exact needs, you can select the right size for the storage unit you are going to rent. These units are available in a variety of sizes, from the closet-size units all the way to the extra large one-car garage units, the large enough to store, say, all contents of the four-bedroom house or the large vehicle or the boat. In several cases, you also benefit from the professional on-site management. The manager will help you make the most suitable option of storage unit, as needed by your exact needs, which ultimately translates into the cost-effectiveness. The Climate-controlled storage units are also accessible in certain places. If you have some demands for the storage, you can always rent one of the heated or cooled storage units.

As far as the restrictions go, the self storage units are the far better solution due to flexibility they offer. In comparison to more traditional storage techniques, self storage units come with the significantly less restrictions about the types of goods that can be stored. With the convenience, the easiness of access, and the flexibility that the self storage units have, more and more individuals are storing products that they hadn’t considered storing before. Although, the benefits stated above characterize the very strong selling point, and you should know that most of self storage providers do have their limitations list, however these are generally limited to the perishable foods, illegal or the stolen goods, combustible or inflammable materials, hazardous materials, and the firearms. The list of the limitations differs from one storage unit to the next, therefore, if you have doubts about any of goods you are about to store, you should ask the storage unit manager.
Additional information on the self storage units can be found through online. All you want to do is to search on one of the major search engines and then find the self storage listings for your location or area. Once you have discovered such self storage listings, you can choose for the most convenient facility, with regards of location, the easy access and the cost-effectiveness.


Why you might need a cheap storage unit


Living in New Zealand there are many circumstances where you might need cheap storage units. The truth is that in recent times of recession, finding stable employment has become somewhat limited to the larger cities and this in turn has meant that people require self contained cheap storage units for when they relocate.

With nearly one and a half million inhabitants in over two hundred suburbs of Auckland it is easy to see why people flock here from their home towns in search of employment. But the problem then arises of what to do with all your belongings, especially when you are forced to downsize when relocating or indeed lease a temporary home.

The great news here is that safe storage units no longer have to be expensive, and you can take advantage of the best cheap storage units around. Choosing to uproot is always an upheaval that you can do without, but when a larger salary and a steady job are on the horizon, the uprooting seems like a minor difficulty, especially when you know that your possessions will be safe in the best cheap storage available in Auckland.

One major commuter town for the flocks of migrants to Auckland is indeed West Auckland. But, finding temporary accommodation or even a long term lease on a decent sized home is difficult; let’s face it, if you have moved from the sticks to a town, then you will find property prices per meter hugely increased.

So, the solution to your problem here is to take advantage of the best cheap storage  Auckland has to offer. By selecting safe self storage units, you can carefully store away your valuables until you find a suitable sized property, or simply for long term storage; the cheap storage units on offer are excellent priced and totally safe, allowing you total peace of mind.

When you have too many possessions to fit into your new home and you do not want to rely on the good will of your neighbor who will let you use their garage space, the best solution is to find some excellent storage nearby. This way your possessions really will be protected and you will be given a key to your individual lock up as well as a pin code or card access to the outer storage compound.

When you select self storage units for your belongings, you really have nothing to worry about; whether you are looking for a temporary or perhaps a longer term solution to your problem, you can be assured that the units are clean, safe, and most importantly affordable.

Cheap storage units are designed to take the hassle out of your relocation, giving you the extra room you need to comfortably house your belongings, whilst not eating a hole in your financial reserves. Check online to see just how reasonable the rates are and you will realize that spending out a few bucks will be well worth it when you know that your possessions will be totally safe and that you can put a stop to living amongst piles of unpacked crates and boxes.



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June 21, 2012

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