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Cheap Storage

Kumeu storage prices and sizes


New hi-top 20ft shipping containers – $220 per month (holds approximately 3-4 bedroom household)

Cubic capacity 37.2 cubic metres

New standard 20ft shipping containers – $200 per month (holds approximately 3 bedroom household)

Cubic capacity 33.2 cubic metres

New 10ft shipping container (half of 20ft) – $140 per month (holds approximately 2 bedroom household)

Cubic capacity 16 cubic metres


Quarter of a 20ft shipping container – $110 per month

Cubic capacity 7.9 cubic metres

  • Inside car storage – $200 per month
  • Store your own 20ft container – $120 per month
  • Store your own 40ft shipping container for $230 per month

All prices include GST and there are no other hidden costs or fees.


Furniture truck vehicle rentals

kumeu truck rentals



Helensville Storage Units …..

These are individual units inside a warehouse,, individually alarmed, insulated.

  • 5 Metres by 2 metres unit …..10 square metres .. .$170 per month –3metres high or 30 cubic metres
  • 4.5  metres by 2 metre unit….9 sq mtrs                      $160 per month
  • 2 metres by 2 metres  unit…… 4 sq metres               $110 per month
  • 1.5 metres by 1.5 metres    …… 2.25 sq mtrs            $65 per month
  • In helensville.
  • 20 ft container hi top and brand new,   $180 per month
  • We have some brand new  hi cube containers that are lined with beech plywood   for $180 per month.
  • All our internal storage units are 3 metres high..
  • Store your own container at our place
  • Yard storage

These are some of the cheapest rates in Auckland. We have storage in Kumeu, Helensville and Henderson.

Most internal storage units have alarms in them.

24 hour video surveillance.

  • All our internal storage units are 3 metres high..

We have a lot of customers who dont need to access their storage regularly, that save over $1000 a year by using our

cheap secure storage in Helensville.


These are the dimensions of the containers

……………………………….internal height                                 internal width                 internal length                   cubic capacity

standard container               2.35 metres                                                2.33                         5.87                                             32.85  m3

hi cube                                        2.65  metres                                              2.33                           5.87                                             37.09