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20ft shipping containers for sale or rent

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We have a range of new shipping containers for sale.

The basic 20ft container , with lock box, 28ml plywood on the floor , tarred underneath, and

with the easy open single handle door system…these are $4500 inc gst,   There is a delivery fee of approximately $300 , depending on where you are.

We can store them in our secure yard for $120 per month.

All containers have lock boxes. It seems unusual , but , the smaller containers are more expensive. It mostly has to do with number of containers made, and freight costs.

New 10ft beige containers $4400

New 9ft beige containers  $3700

New 8ft beige containers  $3000

New 7ft beige containers  $2300

New 20ft side opening container $7800

New 40ft shipping containers are $6700 inc gst